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Our consulting, coaching, and workshop solutions fuel exceptional

performance within each individual and throughout the organization.

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Our learner-centered experiential workshops are tailored to your needs

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Sometimes the path to greatness

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Customized coaching programs from CI enable executives and other leaders to enhance

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  • Exceeding Expectations

    "My interaction with CI has been nothing less than stellar.  CI has always provided very competitive pricing for every program, large or small.  CI staff takes a great deal of time ensuring my organization's needs are thoroughly understood and that the content delivered is targeted to those needs.   Delivery of the programs is superb.  The trainers and facilitators are truly top notch, very flexible, and compelling in their presentation styles."

  • Creating more cohesive teams

    "You really lived up to the great CI reputation once again! Your work was exceptionally relevant, insightful, and well adapted to the needs of our group. The session is already producing dividends. Our people are actively modeling the tools and behaviors we discussed over the last few days and fences are being mended."

  • Identify the Core Issues

    "What are CI's strengths? Their ability to drill down to the root of the organization's issues and problems, to plan, develop and provide implementable solutions to performance shortfalls."

  • Inspiring positive change

    "Thank you for leading a very successful meeting yesterday. I can't tell you how important your facilitation was. At the end of the day, it was clear we had made significant movement with a very difficult group. As I talked with people today the one thing that was consistent was a real belief that finally they were moving forward. As we build a global leader program, I hope you recognize that it would not have been possible to move even one step without your efforts."

  • Achieve positive growth

    "This session is by far one of the top three training courses that I have had in a 25-year government career. The course material was superb and the use of the material in the break-out sessions helped crystallize the information. This course is life altering in terms of the impact personally and professionally."

  • Great return on investment

    "The session went very well. And no, it didn't meet our needs ... it EXCEEDED them. The feedback from the team has been very positive. ‘The best retreat since we began doing these' was the sentiment echoed by all."

  • Achieve long-term success

    "You really lived up to the great CI reputation once again. Your work was exceptionally relevant, insightful and well adapted to the needs of our group. Our people are actively modeling the tools and behaviors we discussed, and the session is already producing dividends."

  • Highly relevant and worthwhile

    "I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone...phenomenal course, instructors, materials and focus on the objectives. Prior training we've contracted has been a disappointment, but this course has clearly set the bar at an all time high! I feel bad for anyone else in competition with this group of pros!!!"

  • Become more efficient and effective

    "[CI's productivity expert] did an outstanding job of providing training and support in regards to organizational efficiency. The training helped to better organize the staff so that time is not wasted through low productivity. Her ideas and solutions have worked well for all who attended and as a result, others have asked for this training. She had the ability to quickly assess what needed to be done and provide quick solutions to resolve our issues."

  • Inspiring greatness

    "You are FANTASTIC! The class had a perfect blend of business and fun. I really feel that every person in our group was able to benefit from the superior work and skills that you brought. I find it remarkable that you are able to use positive reinforcement so well. Thank you for so generously sharing your talents with our group."

  • Demonstrate leadership courage

    "Understanding how to link moral courage, leadership, politics and the creation of an ethical work environment was excellent. The combination of humor, engaging us in discussion, story-telling, conversation demonstrations and the life experiences of the instructor made this workshop truly thought-provoking and relevant to my workplace! Excellent materials and facilitators."

  • Successfully plan for the future

    "Our CI consultant EXCEEDED our expectations in every respect. I am usually not this effusive; however, it is warranted in this case. The sessions were very relevant and provided valuable and effective strategies for improving our management team effectiveness. And fundamentally, the offsite was critical in helping us revise and update our strategic plan for the next three years."

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Drive Performance with Custom Consulting, Coaching, and Workshops

CI International is a training and professional development firm that offers consulting, workshops, and coaching solutions to fuel exceptional performance throughout organizations. Our work is focused on creating sustainable change in individuals, teams, and entire organizations, primarily in the government workplace.