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Team Building Without a European Tour

Every summer we seem to hear lots of great stories about team building. Here's one about a women's basketball team traveling from Indiana to three European countries, for instance, that's exactly like many experiences that sports teams have had, probably dating back to the first Olympics.

“Team building was the biggest thing,” [the head coach] said. She added that the team learned to develop chemistry amongst all players, cope with language barriers and rely on one another since everything they did, they did as a team.

That sort of thing is ideal for team building, there's no question about it.

The problem is that not all organizations are in a position to have team members hop on a plane and travel around another continent. It's hard to get them in the same room for a staff meeting, let alone get them out of the country as a group.

That's why so many governmental agencies and corporations have turned to CI International through the years for team-building workshops and training. Getting a group together is difficult, so anytime you do it you want to be sure that the payoff is very strong for those that participate in the team building activities.

That's just what CI International is best at.

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