Blog Post 10-14-11

Organizational Assessments Uncover the Real Needs

CI International provides a wide variety of effective training and organizational assessments. With all the training we do we always take time to learn about the learners to tailor the training. Similarly we learn about whole organizations before advising and consulting.

So we were heartened to see this story from the Washington Post about a new tool used for training at the Veterans Administration developed by an Iraq war veteran. The people there are trying to reach out to veterans recently returned from service overseas. Many of them have seen intense activity in hot combat zones, and they are now back in the United States. With some of them scarcely old enough to buy a bottle of beer, the VA realized that it needed to use some new and innovative methods to try to reach out to these vets.

According to the story in the Post, this is an important step for the VA in helping their employees better serve returning vets:

Consistent with a push to use the Internet and social media to help turn around its reputation as obstructionist, antiquated and overwhelmed, the VA recently hired U.S. Army veteran Kyle Hausmann-Stokes to produce a new four-minute training video for department employees and new hires....VA officials said they hope the video will remind department employees to provide good customer service to veterans and that it will remind them of what the system — often confusing, time-consuming and daunting — looks like to veterans just getting home.

It will be interesting to watch how effective this particular combination of content and methods are in reaching the goals set out.

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