Blog Post 10-7-11

Customer Service Training: Just How Important Is It?

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Unless you have employees with a customer-service focus. The best way to maintain your customer base and keep your customers happy is to have stellar customer service. It is essential to train your customer-facing employees to make sure you are putting the best image of your company or organization forward.

How does your organization assess your customer service team? Are your employees  required to take customer service training before being handed the phone or speaking to the public? Another important facet to look at is the technical side of customer service. When customers call, do they speak with a person directly or are they filtered through various electronic operators. How long does it take to reach an actual person? Have you called some of your phone lines and timed it? These are important issues. Each second a customer has to wait is one more second for them to become frustrated with your organization.

CI's customer service workshops offer practical, relevant and interactive training for both your customer-facing employees and your leadership seeking to make customer service a strategic advantage.  Contact us today.