Blog Post 12-3-11

Diversity Training Promotes Inclusiveness

America has never quite been the melting pot that it was purported to be; it's been more like a stew, a gumbo, a ghoulash. The constituents never really lost their individuality; instead, each added a piquancy all their own that enhanced the overall flavor of being American.

It hasn't been easy and we all have behaviors and opinions that do not speak well of us in mixed company. Diversity training can help your organization overcome many of these difficulties to become greater than the sum of its parts. Both differences and similarities come to light in diversity training that ultimately promote inclusiveness as well.

Diversity and inclusiveness aren't just about complying with anti-discrimination laws, they're about bringing new ideas and processes into the organization. Diversity and incusiveness increase innovation and creativity.

Elaine Ho, of the Diversity and Inclusion Department of the IRS, makes the observation that being surrounded by people who look like you, talk like you, and think like you will create a team that only looks at things one way, limiting the scope of the team's accomplishments. The customer experience will also suffer if representatives are only familiar with a single piece of society.

With diversity and inclusiveness training, we can highlight and modify language, behaviors, and practices that hold your organization back from national and global success. Diversity has reached the microcosms of not only American life but life in countries that have historically had few "outsiders." All of us benefit when we understand each other's backgrounds and culture better, with fewer misunderstandings, and by letting go of prejudices.

Sometimes all it takes is a look in the mirror and a willingness to listen. CI International is here to help.

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