Blog Post 2-17-12

Add More to Your Bottom Line through Diversity Training

If you’ve never considered diversity training for your organization before, now is the time to give it full consideration. And the reason why is because of the benefit diversity adds to an organization’s bottom line.

In fact, the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) report, Impact of Diversity Initiatives on the Bottom Line, indicates that respondents felt that diversity in their respective organizations had an overall positive effect on the bottom line. The most frequently cited improvements were:

Corporate culture (79%)
Recruitment of new employees (77%)
Client relations (52%)
Higher employee retention (41%)
Decreased complaints and litigation (41%)
Enabled organization to enter emerging markets (37%)
Increased productivity (32%)
Positive affect on profitability (28%)

According to a January 18, 2012 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, companies “add more to their bottom line” when they hire “people from culturally diverse backgrounds” because culturally diverse people can better “understand the unique needs of customers from different cultures, customs and backgrounds.”

Keep in mind that a customer does not necessarily mean a consumer. Your customer is anyone who you offer assistance to throughout your workday. That may be someone in your own department, another department or outside your company.

However, hiring a diverse team is only the first step. Yes, diverse employee populations increase creativity, offer different viewpoints and diverse languages; however, it is equally important to ensure these individuals are properly trained to work together effectively.

Just having people who are different from each other is not enough. Diversity and inclusion training helps employees to recognize their own unconscious biases and assumptions along with any of the behaviors that may be manifested due to these individual preferences.

Learning to recognize and utilize differences among staff members strengthens the team and including diversity training in your organization improves the bottom line. Let us show you how CI International’s diversity and inclusion workshops and webinars can help you with both. Contact us!