Blog Post 2-23-12

The Importance of Communication and Employee Feedback

When it comes to difficulties in the workplace, one of the most important factors is communication. The happiest employees are those who feel like they are able to communicate with company leadership, and that their concerns are heard. Here are just a few ways in which you can help facilitate positive communication practices and maintain happy, healthy employees:??

1. Provide an outlet for employee feedback. This could be a dedicated person, such as a Human Resources Manager, who is available to field questions, comments, and complaints; it could be a corporate intranet website set up to receive anonymous commentary; or even better, you asking an employee, “What can we do to make your work easier?” “How can I help you be successful this week?” Whether it’s anonymous or in person, make sure that employees know that their comments will be treated with respect and understanding.  Sam Walton understood the value in this practice, "“The key to success is to get out into the store and listen to what the associates have to say. Our best ideas come from clerks and stockboys."

2. Make sure that your employees know that they've been heard. Employees will feel ignored and undervalued if they go to the trouble to speak out - and yet never hear anything in exchange. Even if it's merely a short note, letting them know that their concerns are being taken under advisement will go a long way. If you received the feedback in person, close the loop with the employee by phone or in person. Responding to feedback fosters communication and trust between employees and upper-management.

3. Provide regular communication to employees with relevant news, updates, and items of concern. This might be in the form of a corporate newsletter, an email, or announcements on a company intranet web page. Again, walking the halls with in person, informal communication is the most relationship- and trust-building method. Regularly providing your employees with important and notable company information will demonstrate that you value them as part of the team.

Consistent and open communication is one of the best ways to build strong company morale. To learn more about how we can help foster effective communication in your workplace, please contact us.