Blog Post 3-15-12

How to Succeed at Setting Employee Goals

When it comes to setting employee goals, the importance of employees and their supervisors working together can’t be emphasized enough. When these two groups collaborate, the result is a resilient workforce that can weather big changes in the employment landscape, such as downsizing and mergers. The main benefit to you as an employer is that there is more employee buy-in when they’re presented with the organization’s goals, and they know how they fit into the overall picture.

A recent Washington Post article on becoming a resilient worker highlighted the connection between career-resilient employees and an organization’s success. For instance:

Employers should work in partnership with their employees. They need to offer opportunities for professional growth and development and engage their employees in challenging work. Thus, while it is the employee’s responsibility to manage his or her own career, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide employees with the tools and opportunities to enhance their skills.

There are several ways to accomplish this:
  • Allow mentoring relationships or cross training between departments.
  • Promote employee self-assessment by providing career counseling and other tools.
  • Encourage employees to use the results of their assessments to create individual development plans that fit both their professional goals and the organization’s strategic objectives.
Among its many services, CI International offers personality assessment workshops and performance management workshops to assist your organization with setting employee goals. Contact us today to get started.