Blog Post 5-12-12

Teaming: Adding a New Spark of Life to Your Team

You have your teams in place and decide that since everything is set-up, you have nothing else to worry about. Stop and look at this more closely. Any unit needs maintenance to stay that way. Your teams are similar to those in the sports arena. Situations change; there is the addition or subtraction of members on the team and new circumstances. Old plays and routines can become stale. They need new input to bring fresh life to the team. Teaming is the process of monitoring and maintaining the health of your team and giving it new life.

CI International’s customized team building workshops challenge your team to come together, redefine who they are and set a higher standard for how they choose to be. Our approach emphasizes the two-way process of teamwork—bringing your best to the team and the commitment to bring out and support the best in each other.

Is it time to better understand team members' styles and strengths?  Over time we have learned that when the individuals come to know themselves more in depth, they are more effective in their interactions with others. Understanding personality differences play a large part in the smooth functioning of any team.

Our individual assessments include the MBTI also known as the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator®. This is a questionnaire that allows individuals to become more aware of their information gathering and decision making preferences. It brings out how an individual thinks, senses, feels and reacts to their environment.

Our workshops are done in an atmosphere that cultivates respect and intercommunication between the team members. They will come together through a better understanding, not only of themselves as individuals, but also on how to interact more efficiently with each other.

Whether your team needs a maintenance check or a move to a new more versatile direction, contact us and we will take care of your needs.