Blog Post 5-4-12

When it Comes to Telework, it Takes Two to Tango

Watching Dancing With the Stars the other night got me to thinking. Telework is a lot like doing the tango. The success of any telework team is dependent on two factors: you and your team members.

First, you’ve got to hire the right people – not an easy task, even though there are a ton of experts out there happy to tell you step-by-step how to do it successfully. Probably some of the more fundamental suggestions about how to proceed include having a game plan and using behavior–based job interviewing techniques.

However, even more important is finding the kind of people who do well in a teleworking situation. Keep in mind that home is a more relaxing environment than the office. That means employers need to look for individuals who:

Are disciplined and self-directed in order to focus on work and not the television
Can work without supervision and are able to make independent decisions
Have good time management and follow-through skills
Are resourceful problem solvers who can channel their inner McGyver

The second factor to consider when managing telework teams is the ability to make connections and engage team members. Supervising local teams is tough enough, but when you supervise from a distance, you especially need good coaching skills. This means the ability to:
  • Listen deeply and intently
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Provide clear, useable feedback
  • Increase accountability
That’s where we can help. CI International helps good leaders become great leaders. Whether your team is local or remote, we can show you how to make them successful. There’s just no dancing around that fact. Contact us so we can show you how.