Blog Post 6-6-12

Telework: Taking it to New Levels

Telework is not a new feature in today’s workplace but it is being taken to new levels, thanks to the technology of today. This requires a new commitment to teamwork as well clear rules to follow and hold each other accountable to. The office still exists, but the workers do not fill it on a 9-5, Monday through Friday basis.

According to, "Team output is generally higher in quality and quantity than individual performance." "...with effective direction and facilitation from the right team leader, team-building can be a very productive and cost-effective process."

The image of everyone sitting around a table and sharing ideas is gone. The sharing of ideas is still there, but the format is different. There is still some face-to-face interaction, but now workers are communicating from various places, in new ways.

Teleworking teams need the same things as face-to-face teams: clear goals, effective communication and strong relationships, or trust.  The difference is that telework requires the use of new tools and a greater intentionality around these three elements.

Taking the time to mutually set the new ground rules for virtual work has a high ROI. Each member of the team needs to understand her specific role and how it fits into team goals. Everyone needs access to the same documents. Effective communication expectations need to be set.

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