Blog Post 8-2-12

Time and Email Management - Calming the Storm

Email burst onto the communications scene just a few short years ago, but has become absolutely essential. Due to the popularity of email and its universal use, time and email management has become a matter of great importance. Here are the two most important things to keep in mind for effective time and email management.

1.  Handle things once. This is a great rule of thumb for all work-related documents, but is especially true for email. Don't read through an email, then head back to your inbox to read another, leaving that first email hanging. After you read through an email - or acknowledge at first glance that it is not something with which you need to concern yourself - either save the email in an appropriate folder or go ahead and toss it in the trash. This allows you to keep your inbox clutter free, so that you won't spend time sifting through unimportant messages as you search for one that is.  If it requires action, mark it with a flag to indicate it its importance and needed attention.

2.  Create useful labels/folders. Depending on the email service provider that you use, you may be using either labels or folders. Either way, they provide a location to store emails with a running topic or theme. The tendency for most people is to create three or four extremely broad labels/folders and then to divide their emails up between them. Though this makes the decision of where to send the emails easier, it makes the retrieval of those same messages much more difficult.

There is nothing wrong with using five, ten, fifteen or even more folders. Using folders such as "(client name)" or "(topic)" are much more useful than folders titled such things as "work emails" or "calendar emails."

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