Blog Post 9-10-12

High Impact Communication - Speaking and Writing with Maximum Effectiveness

Communication is a very important element to any relationship. Think about the differences in communication styles between the people you think of as being very dynamic, effective communicators, and those who aren't. The difference, though it seems to be vast, comes down to a few things that you can master by using high-impact forms of communication such as speaking and writing.

When speaking, eye contact is key. People feel more trusting of individuals who can hold eye contact with them. It conveys a sense of healthy self-esteem, intelligence, and it shows respect to the person with whom you are speaking. When speaking with a large group, dividing your attention up so that you are focusing on everyone, but taking time to make eye contact individually, with as many individuals as possible, displays to the audience that you are paying attention to them and their responses, and that you acknowledge them as individuals rather than simply as a large group.

A great tip for naturally using eye-contact while interacting with a large group is to focus on the individuals in the group. Think of it as holding a conversation with one person at a time.  Direct each phrase or sentence in your presentation to different individuals.  This helps the interaction between you and the large group seem less overwhelming and ensures that the audience doesn't feel lost, their presence unappreciated. This helps you truly connect with your audience.

One of the major elements of high-impact written communication is clarity and organization. Writing an email that contains a single sentence to someone is very informal and makes the interaction seem more like a text message than an email. Maybe a single sentence of information is all that you need, but a high-impact communicator knows that including a greeting, closing and signature in an email conveys professionalism and respect to the recipient.

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