Blog Post 9-14-11

What the Poultry Prince Can Teach Us About Presentation Skills

It's county and state fair season, and so we're reminded about the great awards that youth receive all over the country, and the connection that it can have to presentation skills training, and overcoming a fear that many people have.

One that we saw recently comes from Minnesota, where the State Fair awards one teenage boy and one girl with the title of Poultry Prince and Poultry Princess. The titles are a bit nerdy, but the experience should help them throughout their lives.

You see, the two teens will now spend the year as Poultry Ambassadors around Minnesota, and possibly at some national poultry convention, too. "During that time, the prince and princess will have the opportunity to expand their speaking, interview and presentation skills through industry and publicity appearances," according to this story.

Not many people get a chance to use that training. Indeed most people list public speaking as one of their greatest fears.

That's why the presentation skills training put on by CI International can be so crucial. In that training you'll learn what you need to know to make presentations as effective as possible for the audience. At the same time, with our training we'll help lower the stress level a great deal for the person who is doing the presenting. After all, we don't all have our background as a Poultry Prince or Princess to fall back on!

If you'd like to talk to someone about getting presentation skills training within your organization, please contact us.