Blog Post 9-2-11

Presentation Skills Training Helps Even the Most Nervous Speaker

Dry mouth. Sweaty armpits. Trembling hands.

These are all common reactions to what many people cite as their number one fear: public speaking.

In fact these physical reactions are not necessarily a bad thing, according to this article on WebMD. Getting a little keyed up may help us focus and pay better attention. It happens to almost everybody who prepares to present ideas in front of other people, even in a small group.

However, a study found that fear of public speaking strikes some people harder--and differently--than others:

To nobody's surprise, people who are anxious by nature--what psychologists call high-trait anxiety--had the most symptoms when speaking in public.

What was surprising was the anxiety pattern. People with low-trait anxiety get nervous before speaking but begin to relax once they get started. People with high-trait anxiety, however, are anxious when they start speaking and get more anxious as they go on.

High-trait anxiety is a challenge, but it can be overcome with the right kind of presentation skills training.

One of our most sought-after offerings, CI’s High Impact Communication Workshop provides a safe place for you to step out of your comfort zone and develop your presence, effectiveness and confidence as a speaker. We can help even the most timid public speaker organize, prepare and deliver high-impact presentations aimed at developing stronger connections with audiences of one or one hundred.

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