List of Services-Webinars


*Unless otherwise stated scope is one webinar of two hours


• High Impact Communication (4 Webinar Series) – Learn to speak with conviction, confidence and courage
• Interpersonal Communications – Our ability to communicate well, to hear and be heard is at the heart of most organizational success. Gain the communication tools necessary to take your organization to the next level.
• Emotional Intelligence – It’s not just intellectual capacity that defines strong leaders; understanding oneself and others, relating well to people, and adapting well to changing circumstances is equally if not more important to long-term success.
• Conflict Resolution – Manage conflict in a productive and healthy manner
• Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders – Learn to bring a coaching mindset to performance conversations with employees and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Leadership Development

• Building and Leading High Performing Teams (4 webinar series) – Learn and apply the key characteristics of effective teams, communicate well, manage conflict and negotiate agreement
• Leading Change (3 Webinar Series)– Confidently lead others through change
• Leader as Mentor (2 Webinar Series) – Bring out the best in those you lead
• Leader as Communicator (2 Webinar Series) – Create your message of leadership and boost your interpersonal communications
• Why Good Leaders Fail – It’s not weaknesses that crash careers it’s carrying leader-ship strengths too far. Learn practical tools and tips to avoid career derailment.

Navigating Change

• Change Management for Employees - Experience a successful change initiative with increased employee engagement
• Change Management for Leaders – (3 Webinar Series) – Understand what your employees experience and how to navigate them through changing times

Getting Results

• Influencing Upwards -- How can I sell this idea to my boss? Learn to frame the issue and “sell it” in a respectful and persuasive manner
• 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Understand and address the challenges that face even the best performing teams. Based on the book by John Lencioni
• Leading without Authority – Employees increasingly find themselves leading teams with no direct line authority over team members. Learn to guide, motivate, and inspire team members without formal authority.
• Project Management (2 Webinar Series) – Enhance your team’s project management skills to improve performance and meet customer needs.
• Performance Management Series – Turn performance appraisals and feedback into proactive, productive tools for employee success and organizational results
o Planning: Setting Goals and Expectations – Establish clear performance expectations and goals that are the key to effective performance appraisals and, more important, to improved performance
o Assessments: Writing Effective Self Assessments – Employees learn to accurately document and articulate accomplishments and performance data, to allow their supervisor to capture it on their performance appraisal
o Monitoring/ Developing: Ongoing Feedback and Communications – Give and receive effective performance feedback throughout the period. Gain tools and techniques to better communicate, coach, and build commitment to organizational goals.
o Rating: Conducting the Performance Appraisal Session – Learn how to share observations and conclusions regarding observed performance, identify strengths and performance successes, discuss performance problems and set new performance expectations for the upcoming period
o Rewards: Providing Appropriate Rewards and Recognition – Learn why most recognition programs miss the mark, and be able to identify and use the four key elements of effective recognition
o Addressing Under-Performance – Learn to communicate expectations and address performance clearly, directly, and confidently. Learn a model for indentifying the source of performance problems and an appropriate response depending on the source of the problem
• Negotiation – Leaders negotiate every day; with peers, bosses, subordinates and other organizations. This session explores the art and science of effective negotiators.
• Courageous Decision-Making (2 Webinar Series) – Gain skills to make the toughest decisions – those that put your values in conflict
• Time, Information and Priority Management Series – Successfully manage email, paper, electronic files and time.
o Becoming an Effective Data Manager
o Becoming the Paperless Office
o Utilizing Personal Productivity Tools More Effectively (Outlook, Lotus Notes)
o Email Management
o Time Management
o Achieving Work/ Life Balance
o Getting Tasks Done
o Conducting High Impact Meetings
o Working Remotely Effectively
o Getting Projects Done
o Effective Email, Text and Phone Communications to Improve Efficiency
o Staying Organized on the Road
o Organizing for Office Relocation Success

Diversity and Inclusion

• Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion – Understand what diversity and inclusion are and why they are critical to mission accomplishment
• Leadership Team Awareness Workshop – Raise senior leader awareness of personnel dynamics and incorporate participants’ personal and professional experiences in solving organizational issues, beginning with how values and prejudices are formed and acted out
• Creating a Culture of Inclusion – Explore the socialization process and how we bring our socialization to work. Develop a communications plan that supports an inclusive workplace culture
• Micro Messaging – Increase awareness of micro-inequities in the workplace and develop and practice skills to help minimize their impact
• Examining Individual and Cultural Bias – Learn and practice tools for managing unconscious bias and determine appropriate reaction/ responses to diversity issues
• Communicating Across the Generation Gap – Build and practice dialogue skills relevant to all four distinct generations currently in the workplace

Telework and Virtual Teams

• Making Telework work for you and Your Organization: An Introductory Workshop for Supervisors and Employees
• Leading in a Telework Environment: A Workshop for Managers and Supervisors
• The Heart of Effective Telework: Clear Goals and Expectations
• Efficiency, Productivity, and Time Management
• Conducting Virtual Meetings

Customer Service

• Customer Service Workshops (2 to 4 Webinar Series) – Identify what your customers want and how to deliver it; establish customer service as a key differentiator
• Consulting Series (6 webinar series) – A webinar series designed for leaders who wish to increase their influence and support organizations and who want to establish a consultant mindset with internal and external customers


• Personality Assessment Workshops– enhance understanding of yourself and your teammates through MBTI®, DiSC® and Firo-B®