Press Release

CI International’s Ethical Decision-Making Workshop Offered through Treasury Executive Institute

Littleton, CO – August 2006 - CI International was invited to present its Ethical Decision-Making workshop at the Treasury Executive Institute (TEI), established in 1983 as the Department of Treasury's lifelong learning center for executives and senior leaders. The CI workshop, based on Rushworth Kidder’s book How Good People Make Tough Choices, provides tools for leaders to establish a solid ethical foundation for sound decision-making. Senior Instructor, John McCann believes this is a critical need for today’s leaders. “In a world of unremitting change, leaders must display unremitting character and integrity.”

TEI brings the best in current thinking on leadership, management, public service, and contemporary issues through three-hour interactive seminars, and two-hour book discussions. The sessions are designed for executives, Flag Officers and SES members, GS-15s and O-6 personnel from over 16 agencies.

“Ethics and values create the atmosphere in which vision, mission, and goals are achieved,” noted McCann. “In our busy lives, we rarely take time to talk about character and values, and how to bring those values into the forefront in our daily work.” This thought-provoking and energizing workshop is an opportunity to do just that.

“This is not the standard (often dreaded) annual ethics brief,” explained CI’s President, Jon Hassinger. “This workshop moves ethics out of the arena of the lawyers, the academicians and the philosophers to provide insight and understanding into how we make values-based decisions. Put simply, this workshop provides leaders with the ability to make better decisions.” Workshop participants reported that the session dealt with ethics and ethical issues in a particularly practical and useful manner.