Press Release

CI International Continues Strong Support to GSA in Implementing New Performance Appraisal System


Littleton, CO – January 2006 – CI International, one of the nation’s top training and consulting firms, was recently awarded a contract to train over 1,000 General Service Administration (GSA) managers in how to create effective performance standards and establish meaningful measures. The training will help GSA incorporate their new Associate Performance Plan and Appraisal System (APPAS) into the fabric of the organization.

Through APPAS, GSA managers can better identify individual performance objectives, track progress against those objectives, and provide performance feedback. The training to be delivered, one of four performance appraisal modules developed by CI, focuses on the foundation of every performance appraisal system – establishing performance standards. Additional modules cover such topics as providing on-going performance feedback, preparing and delivering the performance appraisal, and determining appropriate rewards/recognition.

“The heart of an effective performance appraisal system is developing individual performance standards derived from organizational goals. Too often, this obvious connection is missed and performance plans, as ambitious as they may be, can miss the mark”, said John McCann, CI International Program Manager. “Research has shown that over 80% of performance issues can be resolved when associates are provided two things: clear goals and effective feedback. Done well, performance appraisal systems address both these issues.”

“As part of the President’s Management Agenda, Federal Agencies are setting new goals with regards to managing their people,” commented CI International President Jon Hassinger. “One of those goals is the creation of performance appraisal systems which allow organizations to truly differentiate between varying levels of employee performance. GSA has been a leader in this area, and we look forward to continuing our work with them and with other government agencies as they address performance management issues.”