Press Release

Washington, DC (January, 2011) CI International, a leading consulting, training, and executive coaching firm in the federal marketplace, has developed a comprehensive Telework and Mobile Work training series to equip managers and employees to thrive in a results-oriented work environment. The series includes specific tools for leadership, teams and individuals and addresses key elements of success such as how to establish specific performance targets, utilize collaboration tools and execute proven time management techniques.

Consistent with CI’s philosophy to help clients lead more effectively and work more efficiently, CI’s series helps organizations successfully implement their Telework and Mobile Work policy, address continuity of operations (COOP) concerns, maximize productivity and enhance team accountability and engagement. “Leaders realize that a well-orchestrated telework and mobile work program is a competitive advantage for their organization. These organizations experience enhanced employee recruitment and retention, increased employee satisfaction and productivity, reduced absenteeism and overhead costs”, said Kathleen Barba, Senior Consultant for CI International. CI International was recently selected by the General Services Administration (GSA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide telework training to thousands of managers and employees in their organizations.