Press Release

Washington, DC (December, 2010) Committed to working with organizations in their diversity and inclusion efforts in a meaningful way, CI International helps identify cultural norms that align with the strategic direction of the organization, and help an agency attract individuals with the best skills, talents and abilities. CI, a leading organizational, and individual development company, assists clients in their efforts to raise the bar of understanding in a competitive workplace. “A proactive effort to bridge gender, geographical and cultural gaps,” observes Mark Metoyer, “improves the probability of growth and innovation available to contribute to the future and success of an organization.” Metoyer, CI’s Diversity Practice Leader for CI International, continues, “Being proactive requires understanding the current environment and deciding to create equity of opportunity.” From diversity strategic planning, retention and advancement efforts or communicating across generations, CI’s full suite of diversity and inclusion offerings has helped entities realize their goals and transform the work.