Press Release

CI International Evaluates Engagement of USDA and DOI Employees

Washington, DC (February, 2010) Leading international, organizational, and individual development company, CI International has recently completed projects to measure levels of employee engagement for the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and the US Geological Survey NGTOC.
Under the terms of the contracts, CI International utilized the Newmeasures employee engagement assessment that focused specifically on engagement and satisfaction of the Individual worker around Job/Task, Work group, Supervision, and Culture/Climate. The survey, which has been reliably utilized with over 800,000 respondents in nearly 1,800 sites, complements data from the Federal Human Capital Survey and the Best Places to Work Survey and provides managers with an invaluable tool that makes data from the Newmeasures survey much more actionable. The Newmeasures Solution Path™ provides managers with a report that specifically pinpoints the one or two items most closely linked to organizational effectiveness.
"In a management era saturated with data it is nice to finally have access to a tool that provides a clear and proven path to address the things that will statistically impact employee engagement most,” said Jon Hassinger, President of CI International.
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