Press Release

CI International Again Selected by SBA for Enterprise-Level
Strategic Planning Contract

Washington, DC (April, 2010) Leading international, organizational, and individual development company, CI International, has been selected again as the prime contractor for an enterprise-level strategic planning effort for the Small Business Administration. This is the second contract CI International has received to support the SBA with their strategic planning process. The original support contract resulted in an approved plan that was submitted to Congress.
Under the terms of the contract, CI International will support SBA in developing, writing, and communicating its strategic plan. These activities are in support of SBA’s effort to update their five-year strategic plan in accordance with the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11 part 6. CI will support SBA in the execution of a full strategic planning process, facilitation and involvement of internal and external stakeholders, internal and external environmental assessments, and development and communication of the plan.
"Our experience supporting the SBA with the creation and communication of their strategic plan in 2007, and our experience over the past thirty-five years in supporting federal agencies in identifying their strategic direction and then identifying goals and strategies to achieve that direction, is a good match," said Jon Hassinger, President of CI International. "Our expertise in facilitating strategic planning processes complements the good work SBA has done on their strategic plan and their commitment to the planning process. We are honored to have been selected.”