Press Release

CI International Developed Strategic Satisfaction Index for GSA Account Managers to Align Outreach Efforts with Stakeholder Concerns

Washington, DC (April, 2010) Leading international, organizational, and individual development company, CI International, developed a Strategic Satisfaction Index (SSI) to provide GSA account managers with a normalized “batting average” of Stakeholder Satisfaction across 3 stakeholder groups so that outreach efforts would be aligned with, and relevant to, current stakeholder concerns. CI International solicited input from GSA stakeholders to build a satisfaction index measuring criteria that mattered most to the stakeholders in evaluating not only service but also the value of the service received from GSA. The “batting average” and the comments collected from stakeholders allow the division leader to plan outreach and direct resources according to the service elements that are most important to their stakeholders. In addition, GSA division leaders have instituted one-on-one personal visits with stakeholders between surveys to address specific comments and feedback collected during the survey process. This has allowed division leaders and account managers to utilize nearer-term observations vice aging responses to an annual instrument.
"The Strategic Satisfaction Index has enabled GSA to respond to issues and service expectations that matter most to their stakeholders and has provided a much needed framework and context for outreach efforts” said Jeff Way, GSA Account Manager, for CI International. "The combination of developing tools to collect real-time stakeholder satisfaction data and the ability to design account service strategies complements the good work GSA has done on their account management process.”
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