Press Release

CI International Supports Agency Diversity Practitioners and Process Leaders

Washington, DC (April, 2010) Leading international, organizational, and individual development company, CI International is working with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Interior to support diversity practitioners and process leaders with the unique skills required to leverage diversity and inclusion within their agencies.
CI International’s diversity practitioner and process leader workshops focuses on diversity not as an EEO or human resource program but as a competency at the heart of effective self leadership. The workshops take that concept a step further by exploring specific topics and skills unique to individuals and teams championing efforts within agencies so that they understand their role as a diversity and inclusion process leader. Workshop participants learn best practices for leveraging diversity and inclusion, examine their effectiveness in speaking the language of diversity and inclusion, and develop a range of skills necessary to successfully implement a strategic diversity and inclusion process.
“I have seen firsthand through my 30 years working in EEO, diversity, and leadership the critical difference between understanding diversity, and leading diversity and inclusion processes,” said diversity practice leader Mark Metoyer. CI International’s diversity practitioner and process leader workshops move beyond understanding diversity and inclusion and explore the complexity of leading such initiatives within agencies. It requires an advanced level of understanding of self,multiplicity, and inclusion concepts and this workshop provides the framework to assist practitioners in achieving agency diversity goals.