Press Release 6-18-12

Washington, DC (June 2012)

CI International was recently awarded a contract from the General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service to conduct a comprehensive analysis on the current state of managing a vast amount of data. In today's world, there are multiple formats and multiple locations to save and store data. The question is where is the official information located? There can be multiple official locations which can be frustrating and difficult for users to maintain. This assessment will help identify the challenges and confusion around saving, storing and filing data and provide the FAS organization recommendations on how to improve data and content management.

KJ McCorry, CI”s lead consultant on the project says that “this assessment is designed to help prepare the GSA staff for working in a mobile and remote environment. It will address data management best practices along with how to use electronic systems and tools more effectively in managing data and information. It will also help FAS take a big preparation step to migrate towards a cloud-computing document management system”

Effective teleworking is a key driver for this work. As the work force continues to evolve and globalize, more organizations are developing remote workforce strategies to save overhead costs, increase retention, improve productivity and lower carbon footprint. A 2009 Cisco Telework Survey, found approximately 69 percent of the employee’s surveyed cited higher productivity when working remotely, and 75 percent of those surveyed said the timeliness of their work improved. Cisco reported it has generated an estimated annual savings of $277 million in productivity by allowing employees to telework.