• Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators

    By Patrick Lencioni

    The author provides specific, practical guidance for addressing the five dysfunctions using tools, assessments, exercises and real-world examples. This is one of the best resources for teams struggling with lack of trust among members. A companion to the original work, this edition provides the tools leaders need to create high-performing teams.
  • Fifth Discipline Handbook

    By Peter Senge

    This book builds on the concept of the learning organization introduced in the original Fifth Discipline. Emphasizing the importance of personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning, the book provides strategies for a systems thinking approach to organizations. The section on mental models is especially helpful in understanding how we see and make sense of the world … and how that both helps and hinders us.
  • Mining Group Gold: How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Group

    By Thomas Kayser

    How do leaders balance the need to facilitate ideas with the need to provide clear direction? Can a leader both lead and facilitate a meeting? The answer is yes, and this book provides the tools and ideas to make that happen. Following the ideas in this book can help leaders achieve both short-term success and even change the culture of their organizations over time.

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