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To Grow and Thrive as a Leader
“My coach is very energetic and focused. She has the ability to get to the heart of issues and plan activities that have immediate outcomes. She has helped me regain a needed enthusiasm and revitalized spirit in pursuit of my career goals.”
Terri Burrell, USDA


Build Leadership Potential

At CI International, we help good leaders become great leaders. Through our targeted coaching services provided by ICF certified coaches, we’ll empower you to lead more authentically, work more efficiently and steer tomorrow’s leaders toward success.
To us, coaching is a proactive process that sharpens your skills and empowers you to achieve formerly inconceivable dreams and aspirations while improving your bottom line. The chart, below, shows the high return on your investment in coaching. 

Our approach to Executive Coaching will help you manage and lead more effectively, communicate more powerfully and transition through change successfully. Through our highly targeted niche, Efficiency and Productivity Coaching, we’ve turned disorganized work spaces and electronic files into productive ones and empowered overwhelmed clients. And we’re sharing our wisdom through Coach Training, inspiring leaders to become effective coaches within their own organizations.

Look to our certified coaches for the expert guidance, knowledge and support to rise to new challenges, gain the confidence that leads to success and build leadership potential on many levels.

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CI’s coaching services are designed according to each individual’s unique situation, challenges and goals. Learn how we can help you sharpen your skills and become a more effective leader.
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To get the most out of our training, CI also offers a series of coaching assessments.