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Effectively Manage Your Time
“The key to effective time management is to have a system to know 'what's next'. Having clarity on priorities, you will have more focus to get things done that matter most.”
K.J. McCorry, Organize Your Work Day in No Time

Learn to Work Smarter

Missed deadlines. Piles of paper. Email overload. With increased demands to accomplish more in less time, the need to be on top of your game is essential.

CI International’s Efficiency and Productivity Coaching is designed to help you get organized and work more efficiently in a very tangible way. We’ll work with you to put systems in place that are intuitive to your work style, so you can clean up the clutter, prioritize goals and boost productivity.

Spending too much time searching for important files? We’ll help you create an electronic filing system that puts what you need at your fingertips in 30 seconds or less. Not sure how to get priorities accomplished? We’ll help you implement a solution that helps get tasks done. Overwhelmed by email and voice mail? We’ll help you learn to manage the daily flow of communications better.

Key Benefits

  • Organize electronic documents for easy retrieval
  • Learn to prioritize and manage action items
  • Manage email and phone communications
  • Learn to streamline paperwork and become paperless
  • Utilize productivity software to keep track of information
  • Implement filing systems to find information in 30 seconds or less
  • Identify and articulate your commitments to being and staying organized

Duration: Personalized sessions offered in 4-hour increments

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