Emotional Intelligence Assessment

“Exploring and developing EI not only makes us happier and more successful, but it helps us motivate ourselves, manage stress more effectively, and resolve conflict with others. It gives us the skills to be able to encourage, comfort, discipline, and confront different kinds of people appropriately in different situations. It determines how effectively we express our emotions within the cultural contexts of our family, workplace, and community and how well people listen to us and how well we are heard.”
- Emotional Intelligence in Action, Marcia Hughes, Bonita Patterson and James Bradford Terrell

With the BarOn EQ-i respondents complete an on-line assessment that provides insight into key areas of emotional skill that relate directly to professional and personal effectiveness. There are 5 scales and 15 sub-scales that are measured. The five scales are:
• Intra-personal
• Inter-personal
• Stress management
• Adaptability
• General mood

The assessment identifies areas of strength that can be leveraged to achieve full potential. It also shows areas that need improvement and provides tools to be address those areas. The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®) is the first scientifically validated and most widely-used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world.