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Underutilized resources. Low morale. Poor communication. Leaders with untapped potential. Organizations face many challenges, and to make sure they get the most out of our consulting services, CI International often starts the process with one or more assessments.

Assessments take an objective look at the inner workings of your organization so you can identify both shortcomings and successes and determine where you need to focus your attention and innovation.

Understanding that all aspects of an organization are interrelated, from the decisions of leaders to the experiences of customers, assessments often provide insight that can help you address issues fully, overcome difficult challenges and make better use of your time and resources.

CI’s Assessment Services

CI International offers a diverse range of assessments, and depending on your goals, one or more may be appropriate to help you get the most out of our consulting services.

» Employee Engagement Assessment
» Organizational Assessment
» Customer Service Audit
» 360º Assessment

Read about CI's assessments for individuals.

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