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“What are CI’s strengths? Their ability to drill down to the root of the organization’s issues and problems, to plan, develop and provide implementable solutions to performance shortfalls.”
Mike Brooks, COO

Perfecting Your Message

During times of significant growth or large-scale change, it’s important to make sure everyone in your organization is on the same page—and the same message.

CI’s communications consulting services are designed to help you develop a communications plan that clearly identifies key events, audiences, messages and channels. Using a well-developed plan will help you maintain consistency and clarity in your communications whether you’re undergoing a large-scale organizational change, launching a new product or service, or simply looking to refresh or improve an existing marketing plan or process.

Our Approach

CI International integrates our communications consulting services with the principles employed in our other service offerings to provide you with a suite of solutions to enhance your organization and help you achieve results. We start the communications planning process by taking the time to really listen to your needs and establish what you hope to gain. We then work with you to design a plan that will successfully take you from the initial concept phase through the final implementation. Throughout the process, our focus is on developing a plan that will sharpen your messages and have them heard.

We will help you determine:

1. What you want people to know
2. What you want people to believe
3. What you want people to do

Our support extends beyond the creation of a customized communications plan for you. We also work with you to create standard messages, presentations and collateral material that make your communications plan come alive.

Achieve More

Add impact and motivation to your delivery. Have your leadership team sharpen their presentation skills through our High Impact Communications Workshop.

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