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“If each part of a system, considered separately, is made to operate as efficiently as possible, the system as a whole will not operate as effectively as possible.”
Russell Ackoff, Creating the Corporate Future

Organizational Effectiveness

A Holistic Approach

We know that achieving sustained success is not simply based on the way people behave in organizations or on technological advances. The way the organization is structured, its unique culture and constraints, and the simultaneous success of critical work systems all impact and modify human performance. These work systems include, for example, business and human capital planning, organizational design, goal setting and performance management, and measurement. However, analysis of organizational effectiveness must be done on a systems basis as optimization of each of the work systems in isolation will not result in an overall improvement in operation of the organization as a whole.

What You Can Expect

CI’s approach to organizational effectiveness consulting provides you with a systemic analysis of your major work systems and a road map for improvement that will help you reach your goals. First, we’ll work with you to identify a handful of strategic goals for the consulting work that will have the greatest impact on your success. Next, we’ll thoroughly review key documentation including plans, policy and directive guidance, regulatory statutes, performance metrics and program objectives. Then, we’ll design and, with your endorsement, implement a data-gathering phase with customer and executive interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We’ll also review current operational metrics. Finally, our analysis and recommendations will be targeted to major work systems but within the context of the overall organization.

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