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To Inspire Positive Change
“Thank you for leading a very successful meeting yesterday. I
can’t tell you how important your facilitation was. At the end of the day, it was clear we had made significant movement with a very difficult group. As I talked with people today the one thing that was consistent was the positive feedback and a real belief that finally they were moving forward. As we build a global leader program, I hope you recognize that it would not have been possible to move even one step without your efforts.”
Joe O’Leary, College Dean

Maximize Meeting Effectiveness

How often have you left an important meeting unclear about next steps, feeling that little was accomplished, or that it simply was a waste of time? For many organizations, those sentiments are echoed far too often.

CI International recognizes the importance of maximizing meeting time to ensure that everyone leaves the room feeling a sense of accomplishment and that the time was well spent. We also understand that taking your team out of the workflow for several days—or even several hours— is a huge investment in human capital. That’s why we take the time to dig deeper, to make sure we clearly understand your challenges, culture, systems and goals so that we can effectively build an agenda that meets your objectives.

Our Approach

CI’s consultative meeting facilitation service blends that depth of understanding with our unique expertise. Our proven, seven-step process introduces ways to link your vision, goals and initiatives to your meeting agenda and helps you achieve your desired outcome.

  1. Client Conference – We listen to your intentions and desires. We help you clearly define your goals for success, both in the meeting and beyond.
  2. Agenda – We work with you to develop an agenda that will achieve your goals. When desired, and as needed, we introduce dialog, decision-making, and other communication models and tools as part of the agenda or as just-in-time training to enhance the process and achieve the results you want.
  3. Agenda Acceptance – Following acceptance, pre-work is done that, when contracted, includes interviewing meeting attendees.
  4. Ongoing “Course Adjustments” – Consultative facilitation requires that we work in close partnership with you during the meeting to make sure that we are making the best possible use of your time and that we are correctly observing the interests and developments of the meeting. We recognize that the meeting is a dynamic process and that new insights and ideas can emerge that could significantly shift original intentions. Our senior facilitators respond to those emerging needs while keeping everyone focused on the clearly defined meeting objectives.
  5. Leadership Coaching – We’ll provide real-time coaching to the leader on ways to enhance his or her effectiveness and improve the contributions from meeting participants.
  6. Follow-up Deliverables – After the session is over, a complete report describing everything that went on in the meeting is prepared. All action items agreed to by the participants are documented as part of this report.
  7. Implementation – we can help facilitate the execution of the action items through counsel and support to meeting participants as an additional service.

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