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“Your consultant has been a wonderfully flexible, responsive, and effective educator who has improved our staff capabilities to organize, maintain, and manage a large and diverse portfolio of shared electronic files. Feedback from all participants substantiates their knowledge growth and extension of their skills repertoire...Even previously reluctant individuals confessed a profound appreciation. Her professional depth of knowledge and expertise is without question---but her personal and very human touch made the experience enjoyable for all."
- Senior Federal Executive

Increase Efficiency, Improve Performance

CI’s productivity improvement services enhance organizational efficiency and provide large-scale time and data management strategies to help you to truly “work smarter, not harder”. We help you maximize your use of technology, streamline the daily flow of information, and apply organizational principles on a large scale. Experience a work environment of high efficiency, clarity and ease.

Streamline Information Flow

One of the most significant ways to improve productivity throughout your organization is to develop a standard architecture for electronic information flow and storage. A complementary strategy is to make strong inroads in reducing paper usage. These steps cut costs, promote a “greener” workplace, and improve efficiency and productivity. And while it may seem daunting, breaking the challenge down into three “bite-sized” steps is an easy way to improve your organization’s reliability and accessibility to data.

Step 1: Shared Electronic File Organization

The first step in productivity improvement is to create a well-organized system for managing electronic files on your organization’s hard, shared drive. Shared electronic file organization is a specialized CI service that creates a consistent system of shared electronic files in your organization, streamlining large-scale data management.

Step 2: Paper Reduction

Once you have an organized system in place for managing electronic data, CI consultants will work with your organization to reduce the flow of incoming paper and provide simple and easy alternatives for processing data electronically.

Step 3: Process Improvement

Finally, we will work with each department in your organization to streamline internal paper processes, utilizing data management software systems to help your organization become automated and electronic.

Key Benefits

• Increase clarity of team’s mission and purpose
• Enhance speed and ease-of-access to shared electronic files
• Create protocols for how to file electronic documents
• Build the bridge toward more reliance on electronic files vs. paper files
• Reduce the need for archival paper files
• Streamline and automate paper processes to improve efficiency

Achieve More

Other productivity-boosting services include our Organizing Your Office for Workplace Efficiency Workshop, to enhance team and individual performance, and Efficiency and Productivity Coaching, a hands-on, one-on-one productivity session for an individual leader.

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