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“Our CI consultant EXCEEDED our expectations in every respect. I am usually not this effusive; however, it is warranted in this case. The sessions were very relevant and provided valuable and effective strategies for improving our management team effectiveness. And fundamentally, the offsite was critical in helping us revise and update our strategic plan for the next three years.”
Office of the Inspector General, Government Printing Office

Envision Success

Strategic planning is an essential process relied upon to guide organizational goals and initiatives, and drive future performance.

In contrast to one-size-fits-all strategic planning models offered by many other firms, our strategic planning process is custom-crafted to be flexible and responsive to your unique culture and capacity. We start by assessing your strategic planning needs and desired outcomes. Next, to ensure that your plan is scaled to your needs, we get down in the trenches with you, digging deeper to understand the inner workings of your organization. We then work with you to design a plan that will have the greatest impact on your organization now and in the future.

Our Approach

CI's approach to strategic planning provides you with constructive, innovative insight that you can incorporate into your business thinking today.
  • Your vision is defined in relation to external developments and trends, and the ideal characteristics and design for your organization are identified.
  • The current state of your organization is compared to the ideal and strategies, programs and measures are created to bring you closer to the image you envision.
  • Scenarios are developed to shorten your reaction time to those inevitable surprise events in today's rapidly changing environment.

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