Becoming a Paperless Office

Streamlining the flow of information and reducing paper usage cuts costs, promotes a “greener” workplace, and improves efficiency and productivity. And while it may seem daunting, becoming paperless can improve an organization’s reliability and accessibility to data.

Step 1: Shared-Drive File Organization
The first step in becoming a paperless office is to create a well-organized system for managing electronic files on your organization’s shared hard-drive. Shared- drive file organization is a specialized CI service offering designed to create a consistent system of shared electronic files for your team or organization. Customized to your needs, this service streamlines large-scale data management.

Step 2: Paper Reduction
Once you have an organized system in place for managing electronic data, CI consultants will work with you to develop a process to reduce the flow of incoming paper and provide simple and easy alternatives for processing data electronically.

Step 3: Process Improvement
Finally, we will work with each department in your organization to streamline internal paper processes, utilizing data management software systems to help your organization become automated and electronic.

Key Benefits

  • Increase clarity of team’s mission and purpose
  • Enjoy immediate, easy access to shared electronic documents
  • Reduce the need for archival paper files
  • Streamline and automate paper processes to improve efficiency

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Business Acumen
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Flexibility; Resilience; Technology Management

Duration: Becoming A Paperless Office can be structured as a multi-day workshop or a consulting service depending upon the complexity of your shared hard-drive and the size of the organization.

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