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“You really lived up to the great CI reputation once again! Your work was exceptionally relevant, insightful, and well adapted to the needs of our group. The session is already producing dividends. Our people are actively modeling the tools and behaviors we discussed over the last few days and fences are being mended.”
Senior Federal Executive

Building Cohesive, Successful Teams

Creating a cohesive, positive, productive team out of members with different viewpoints, strengths and personalities is a fine art.

CI International’s customized team building workshops challenge your team to come together, redefine who they are and set a higher standard for how they choose to be. Our approach emphasizes the two-way process of teamwork—bringing your best to the team and the commitment to bring out and support the best in each other. Over the course of these 2-5 day workshops, we’ll help you cultivate a respectful, productive environment where communication reigns so issues can be safely raised and solutions reached.

Success Stories

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CI’s Team Building Workshops

1.  Becoming a High-Performing Team

Every team is unique. CI’s Becoming a High-Performing Team workshop accentuates your team’s strengths to help you become more effective and productive. Through discussions led by our expert facilitators, relevant exercises and short training modules, this customized workshop will enable you to take your team to a higher level of performance.  » Evaluate Your Team’s Health Now

Key Benefits

  • Enhance alignment of your mission and vision with the larger organization
  • Identify top priorities for the year
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build a more cohesive team
  • Provide feedback in a more constructive way
  • Infuse a renewed sense of purpose and energy

Whatever your current challenges may be, this hands-on workshop will help you achieve tangible results in an environment where issues can be safely raised and solutions collectively reached.

2.  New Team Launch

Taking the time to ensure a successful launch of a new team can have lasting benefits for the individual, the team and the organization. CI’s Team Launch Workshop focuses on identifying and agreeing on a collective picture of team success, setting mile-markers to get there, determining team guidelines and operating standards, identifying individual talents of team members and effectively chartering the team. In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, solutions are mutually agreed upon and roles and responsibilities clearly defined so that each team member leaves with the energy and confidence to become a fully contributing member of a high-performing team.

3.  New Leader Launch

Just as a new team launch is important to the long-term success of an organization, ensuring that a new leader is positioned for success is an investment with a high return. CI’s New Leader Launch Workshop is built on the same energy and objectives as the Team Launch, and it also provides an opportunity for new leaders to create an open dialogue with their teams, sharing their preferences and vision in order to motivate their teams and maximize their talents.

Executive Core Qualification Focus
: Leading People
Leadership Competencies Addressed: Team Building; Partnering; Interpersonal Skills; Conflict Management

Duration: 2-5 days or a series of four 2-hour webinars

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