CARE Customer Service

Customer Service is key to an organization’s success at every touch point. To cultivate a spirit of exceptional customer care within your organization, CI International offers the CARE Customer Service Workshop. This workshop is designed to introduce your entire organization to a customer service model that is applicable at all levels while complementing and building on your own customer service standards. Learn the CARE Customer Service Model and the tools to apply it directly to individual roles in the organization.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Results Driven
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed
: Customer Service; Accountability; Interpersonal Skills

The CARE Model

The CARE Customer Service Model complements your organization’s own performance standards by helping employees make connections between their contribution to customer service and the organization’s mission. Below are the objectives of the workshop under each component of the CARE model.

Learn communication tools and techniques to meet customer needs.
Develop a deeper understanding of and empathy for the challenges and issues facing customers in order to better serve their needs.

Develop skills to meet the organization’s customer service expectations.
Learn service management strategies, including how to turn “difficult” customers into partners.

Learn partnering and negotiating tools and techniques in order to understand and respond quickly to customer needs.

Learn time management tools and techniques.
Understand the cost and benefit of customer service.

CI’s CARE Customer Service Workshop engages participants in instruction, classroom discussions and exercises that draw on personal experiences. While it is uniquely oriented toward front-line employees, senior leaders will benefit, as well.

Duration: CARE Customer Service is a 1-day workshop

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