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“Producing change is about 80 percent leadership—establishing direction, aligning, motivating, and inspiring people—and about 20 percent management— planning, budgeting, organizing, and problem-solving. Unfortunately, in most of the change efforts I have studied in the past 20 years, those percentages are reversed.”
John Kotter

Thrive Through Change

In today’s economic climate, change is vital for individuals, teams and organizations to grow and thrive. Yet all to often, even the most important and relevant change initiatives fail. Why? What are the key elements of success? CI’s Change Management Workshops are designed to help you lead change successfully, to navigate uncharted waters, and to help those you lead move through change productively and with optimism. Our two workshops, one for those leading change and one that prepares employees for a major change, will not only ease the transition, but also bring those essential changes to fruition.

Leading in Times of Change — Change Management for Leaders

How many change initiatives have you witnessed evaporating before your eyes or being overcome by apathy or resistance? The ability to lead change well often marks the difference between success and failure. And with increased pressure on organizations to keep pace and boost productivity, the need is great for well-executed, large-scale organizational change, as well as well-implemented changes in processes, systems and services.

CI’s Change Management Workshop for Leaders introduces your leadership team to the key steps to leading change successfully and demonstrates how to respond to the inevitable resisters and late-adopters. Over the course of this engaging workshop, you’ll build a change strategy for your organization that includes a clear vision, a message of change and a plan to communicate it, and a near-term action plan. Case studies are analyzed to demonstrate how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in any change, and you’ll learn about the latest research in successful change management.

Key Benefits

  • Clearly communicate a persuasive sense of urgency for change
  • Develop and communicate a compelling vision to promote the positive benefits of change
  • Create an environment and provide the skills and understanding that will empower your team and inspire them to take action toward the fulfillment of the vision
  • Learn the three types of resistance and how to respond to them to bring the resistance along
  • Set the framework, timeline and mile-markers for short-term wins
  • Understand the impact of the impending change on your team and organization

Navigating Change Successfully — Transition Management for Employees

CI’s Change Management Workshop for Employees is designed to help the people on your team or in your organization transition through change with optimism, confidence and courage. These timely, interactive training modules complement our workshop for leaders by instilling trust and understanding in your workforce in times of change and allowing them to face the challenges of change in a more positive, assertive manner.

Over the course of this workshop, we’ll provide employees with the tools and insight to understand why change is challenging, gain a clear understanding of the potential benefits and learn how to be an active, valued voice in implementing the change. Employees will discuss the impact the change will have on their roles and responsibilities and provide recommendations to help leadership be more successful in bringing the entire organization through change. Not only will you gain their approval and excitement for the future, they’ll be your allies in achieving the change you envision.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading Change
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Creativity and Innovation; Conflict Management; Oral Communications; Interpersonal Skills


  • Change Management for Leaders – 1-3 days or series of three 2-hour webinars
  • Change Management for Employees – 1-3 days or 2-hour webinar
  • Taking Charge of Organizational Change - 1/2 day or 2-hour webinar

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