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“You are the consummate professional and really took the time to make good coaches out of us. I always appreciated your ability to cut to the chase, and get people to that "aha" moment. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you. You have inspired me to be better at my job, and be a leader in this organization.”
Senior Federal Executive

Build Coaching Skills to Grow Leaders

CI International’s Coach Training advances your communication skills and shows you how to instill independent decision-making and confidence in your leaders.

Our Coach Training Workshop makes clear the distinction between a mentoring role—where you share career lessons and provide advice gleaned from your own experience—and true coaching—where you inspire participants to find the answers for themselves. You will learn techniques and tools to actively encourage others to acquire a deeper level of independent thinking and cultivate the desire to come up with original solutions to their challenges. Knowing when and how to use a coaching approach is central to this workshop.

Key Benefits

  • Learn to listen deeply and intently
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Provide clear, useable feedback
  • Increase accountability

Coaching is an essential component in preparing your organization’s next generation of leaders. The benefits of coach training extend deep into your organization, adding value and increasing productivity on many levels. Coach training not only empowers you to equip tomorrow’s leaders, it creates a culture of coaching within your organization. The result is employees with newfound confidence, enhanced decision-making, improved communication and a greater ability to rise to new challenges.

CI’s highly interactive Coach Training Workshop combined with either immediate application in the workplace, or as an internal coach for a Leadership Development Program, enables you to develop your coaching skills over an extended period, resulting in a real anchoring of the skill-set.

Ideal Coach Training Candidates

  • Are eager to learn a challenging new skill
  • Appreciate the distinction between mentoring and coaching
  • See the value in not providing answers
  • Have demonstrated a desire to engage in developing others


Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed:
Team Building; Oral Communications; Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 1-3 days

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