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“Conflict is inevitable. It’s the price you pay for a deeper relationship.”
Alan Ahlgrim

Conflict as a Catalyst for Change

Effective teamwork is essential to success in the workplace. But achieving it doesn’t come without challenges. Conflict is inevitable; managing it in a way that helps people find common ground and gain mutual understanding and respect is a critical leadership skill. Unfortunately, many of us avoid conflict at all costs. As a result, conflict goes underground, sabotaging projects and destroying team spirit.

CI’s Conflict Management Workshop addresses conflict not as an unfortunate by-product, but rather as a dynamic catalyst for innovation and positive change in the workplace. Addressing conflict head-on can stimulate new approaches to old issues, inspiring feelings of satisfaction and pride among team members while boosting productivity. During this innovative workshop, you’ll discover new ways to approach conflict with openness and respect, and how to reach equitable agreements.

Key Benefits

  • Identify your personal conflict management style and how it helps and hinders conflict resolution
  • Learn and practice a model for reaching agreements without giving in
  • Gain tools for finding common ground
  • Learn to help others focus on interests and not take unreasonable positions
  • Increase your confidence in dealing with conflict
  • Turn conflict situations into opportunities to communicate openly and effectively

Executive Core Qualification Focus
: Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Conflict Management; Oral Communications; Influencing/Negotiating

Duration: One day, half-day or 2-hour webinar

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