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“It is possible to consult without error and to do so quite simply…Ask yourself two questions whenever you are with a client.
1. Am I being authentic with this person now?
2. Am I completing the business of the consulting phase I am in?”
Peter Block, Flawless Consulting

Become a Trusted Partner

Gaining a competitive advantage in today’s market involves much more than providing a better product or service. The relationship between provider and customer is equally important. To thrive, organizations and their employees need to be seen as valuable, long-term partners in their customers’ success.

CI’s Consulting Workshop is for organizations that want to elevate their relationship with their clients but may lack the skills and tools to do so. In this interactive workshop, you will explore the fundamental nature of consulting, collaborating and innovating, and learn the critical steps and best practices of the consulting process from the first customer interaction to the completed project.

Key Benefits

  • Understand what it means to be a consultant
  • Learn the six-step consulting process
  • Deepen your relationships with clients
  • Enhance six critical communications skills
  • Be viewed as your clients’ trusted partner

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Results Driven
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Accountability; Customer Service; Decisiveness; Entrepreneurship; Problem Solving

Duration: 3 days or a series of six, 2-hour webinars

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