Course Features

Quiz: There is a Knowledge Check quiz in each course to test the learners' knowledge of course concepts. These have a variety of question formats, including multi-choice, true/false, sequence and fill-in-the-blank.

Personal Skill Builders: Our customized activities allow learners to apply course concepts and recommendations into their unique work life.

Computer Instruction / Productivity Tools: Instructional videos, screen recordings and instructions assist with utilizing productivity tools such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail and other computer functionality.

Best Practices: Co-Worker Examples provide the learner context on how to apply the concepts and recommendations.

Quick Navigation: At the end of each course is a Course Outline, along with a Table of Contents that facilitates quick access to navigate through the course.

Next Steps: A Next Steps slide located at the end of each course provides clear recommendations for each user to take to implement the learning.

Resources: There is a wide range of resources accessible in each course including: websites, articles, product recommendations, podcasts, videos and books.

Accessibility: These trainings strive to meet the highest standards of usability and accessibility. The courses are developed to meet technical requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Learn more.