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Delivering Exceptional Service

Good customer service lends itself to organizational success on many levels. CI’s Customer Service Workshop Series is designed to introduce you to the essential concepts of customer service and help you engage in best practices for delivering exceptional service to both your internal and external customers.

Customer Service Workshops

CARE Customer Service

Customer Service is key to an organization’s success at every touch point. To cultivate a spirit of exceptional customer care within your organization, CI International offers the CARE Customer Service Workshop. Designed to introduce your entire organization to a customer service model that is applicable at all levels while complementing and building on your own customer service standards, this workshop will empower your organization with the CARE customer service model and the tools to apply it directly to individual roles in the organization.

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Strategic Customer Service

Identifying the key to exceptional customer service is both an active and introspective process. CI’s Strategic Customer Service Workshop is designed to introduce your leadership team to the foundational, operational and leadership-level concepts of customer service and to engage them in exploring the role of leadership in assuring exceptional service. Targeted to organizations for which customer service is a strategic choice, this workshop addresses the important relationship between customer and provider, helping you determine what your customers want and the best way to give it to them.

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  • CARE Customer Service – 1 day or a series of two-four, 2-hour webinars
  • Strategic Customer Service – 2.5 days

Customer Service Consulting

Taking the tools and insight of our workshop series one step further, CI also provides customer service consultation services.

Key Benefits

  • Develop strategies and tactics to better serve customers
  • Design and employ assessments for gathering customer opinions
  • Understand customers’ wants and needs and integrate them into desired organizational and operational outcomes
  • Develop and implement systems of customer-based outcome measures and related employee recognition systems
  • Cultivate a culture that centers on the customer

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