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“I was a bit skeptical coming into the class wondering if this class would be worth dedicating three days to it. [Advanced Facilitation] I left pleasantly surprised and armed with several additional tools to effectively do my job. Attending this class was well worth
my time and will make me a better facilitator.
USGS Trainer

Making Meetings More Productive

Time lost in ineffective meetings can have a significant, detrimental impact on employee morale and performance. Even a well-run meeting can be a waste of time if the outcomes are not shared or if the decisions are not implemented. CI’s Effective Meeting Management Workshop identifies the key elements in planning and conducting productive, effective meetings.

Effective meetings have two important attributes: a clear process and a collaborative climate. Groups that consistently hold effective meetings do so by paying attention to that process, being mindful of the group’s dynamics and roles, and consistently following a few general ground rules for good meetings.

In this workshop you’ll learn the distinct characteristics that contribute to effective meetings and how to overcome the pitfalls that foster low morale, frustration and doubt in the meeting process.

Key Benefits

  • Create a productive agenda
  • Start and stop meetings on time
  • Keep meetings on track
  • Be a more effective meeting participant
  • Manage difficult people
  • Increase group participation
  • Generate more creative solutions

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Oral Communications; Influencing/Negotiating; Partnering; Flexibility

Duration: 1 day
Also available, Conducting Virtual Meetings: 1/2 day in person or 2-hour webinar
Also available:  Advanced Facilitation - 3 days

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