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“When 733 multi-millionaires where asked to rate the factors (out of 30) that were most responsible for their success, the top five were:
• Being honest with all people
• Being well disciplined
• Getting along with people
• Having a supportive spouse
• Working harder than most people”
Steven J Stein and Howard E. Book, The EQ Edge

Boost Your Emotional IQ

Performing at the top of your game involves much more than high intelligence, deep knowledge and hard work. New research has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) can be even more important to success on the job. And, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be learned and improved.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to:
  • Read the political and social environment
  • Intuitively grasp what others want and need
  • Remain unruffled by stress
  • Be engaging and motivating

EQ is a strong indicator of personal and professional success. It is essential to building the effective, working relationships required for healthy teams.

CI’s Emotional Intelligence Workshop helps you gain clarity and insight into your own emotional intelligence and enhance it. CI uses the highly reliable and valid Bar-On Emotional Quotient Indicator to help you determine your own emotional intelligence and identify ways to increase it so you can become more effective in your personal and professional life.

Key Benefits

  • Discover what emotional intelligence is and why it matters
  • Identify your own EQ
  • Learn to positively apply and enhance your EQ
  • Improve your ability to accurately read and hear people
  • Learn to manage behaviors that may limit optimal performance

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communications; Resilience

Duration: 1-3 days or 2-hour webinar; 3-day includes MBTI Step 2

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