Employee Engagement Assessment

Making sure your team is engaged and on course takes more than an annual evaluation. CI International’s Employee Engagement Assessment, offered in conjunction with Newmeasures, is a simple, fast and cost-effective way to determine your team members’ priorities and values while providing leadership with specific steps to improve the overall effectiveness of the team and the organization. Newmeasures Assessments are short, confidential, meet all tests for reliability and validity, and can be taken in less than five minutes—either online or with pencil and paper.

Our assessment process identifies the behaviors and motivations that direct positive growth among team members and determines the most critical competencies for individual effectiveness. In addition, we will help you develop a limited number of custom questions to help assure that you collect the information that is important to you.

Key Benefits

  • Fast turnaround of results (within 15 business days)
  • Easy-to-understand reports for executives and employees with truly actionable ideas for change
  • Software- and algorithm-based results with key drivers identified to focus your improvement efforts, rather than notebooks full of meaningless data
  • A large database of norms for benchmarking (1,000,000+ respondents in over 2,200 facilities)
  • Additional targeted question sets to address key issues such as manager effectiveness, retention and generational differences
  • Customizable to meet your needs

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