Strategic Customer Service

CI’s Strategic Customer Service Workshop introduces your leadership team to the foundational, operational and leadership-level concepts of customer service and engages them in exploring their role in ensuring exceptional service for both internal and external customers. You will explore the important relationship between customer and provider, and identify what your customers want and the best way to give it to them.

Key Benefits

  • Understand customer service as a competitive strategy to differentiate one organization from another
  • Learn to listen for customers’ needs and desires and understand how to meet their needs when you cannot provide what they desire
  • Learn how to plan, measure and improve customer service throughout your organization
  • Learn the 4 Cs to success: Culture, Customers, Competition & Cognition
  • Learn how to measure and use Loyalty, Value and Relationships
  • Case study learning

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Results Driven
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed:
Customer Service; Accountability; Interpersonal Skills

Strategic Customer Service is a 2 and a half-day workshop
  • Day 1 – Engaging in Customer Service
  • Day 2 – Loyalty, Value and Relationships
  • Half Day – Moving From Where We Are to Where We Want to Be

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