Leader as Communicator

Communication is key to leadership success. This workshop focuses on specific concepts, skills and tools to help you become a more effective communicator so you can successfully share ideas and vision, build stronger teams and ensure buy-in and support.

Key Benefits

  • Learn to listen more effectively
  • Sharpen your ability to speak so others will listen
  • Create and articulate your own message of leadership
  • Organize, prepare and deliver high-impact professional presentations
  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Engage in “skillful discussion”; the ability to advocate for a particular position while being open to the ideas of others
  • Gain techniques to thrive in impromptu speaking opportunities
  • Increase confidence and success as a leader

Leader as Communicator is appropriate for both new and experienced leaders. New leaders can gain the insight to establish themselves as confident, effective communicators. For more experienced leaders, it will serve to reinforce the approach and behaviors that have worked for them in the past and help them see how the way they communicate serves to support or undermine their message of leadership.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Building Coalitions/Communications
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Influencing/Negotiating; Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communications

Duration: Leader as Communicator is a 3-day workshop offered alone or as part of a Leadership Development Program  or as a series of two 2-hour webinars

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