Leading in a Diverse World

The workforce has become increasingly diverse and many issues no longer can be effectively dealt with in the ways of the past. With trends pointing toward the growth of work groups, or teaming, to improve organizational effectiveness, this series of diversity workshops is designed to provide leaders and managers with the attitude, knowledge, and skills necessary to succeed in today’s culturally diverse workplace.

Key Benefits

  • Increase understanding and respect for the differences and similarities between cultures. Use behaviors that help create respectful and productive relationships among diverse co-workers and customers.
  • Understand how diversity affects the dynamics of work teams and thus influences effectiveness.
  • Create an environment of more objectivity, fairness, openness and avoidance of personal agendas.

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Leading People
Leadership Competencies Addressed: Leveraging Diversity; Team Building; Interpersonal Skills


Leading in a Diverse World is comprised of three different workshops:
  • Diversity Awareness – 1.5 days
  • Diversity Awareness for Supervisors – 2 days
  • Communicating Across Cultures – 1 day

Diversity Awareness

This introductory workshop is designed for employees and teams. Diversity Awareness addresses the following topics:
  • The socialization process—How we developed into who we are
  • The perception process—How we see the world
  • Communicating across cultures—How we interact with each other
  • Concepts of culture—How socialization, perception and communication determine the workplace culture

Diversity Awareness for Supervisors

This workshop is designed for supervisors, leaders and managers. Diversity Awareness for Supervisors addresses the topics in Diversity Awareness plus:
  • Valuing diversity—How to increase your sensitivity to issues of diversity
  • Managing/leveraging diversity—How to confront intolerant behavior. How to create an environment of acceptance
  • Organizational efforts—How to assess your organizational readiness in accommodating the needs of a diverse workforce

Communicating Across Cultures

This workshop is designed for supervisors, leaders and managers, as well as employees and teams. Communicating Across Cultures addresses the following topics:
  • Concepts of culture—Define culture, subculture and its components
  • Communication—Types of communications; Interpersonal, Intercultural, Interracial, Intergender, etc.
  • Improving communications—Awareness of assumptions and behaviors

Leading in a Diverse World uses a series of exercises, activities, videos and discussions to examine more deeply what it means to work and lead in today’s workplace.

Key Points

  • Diversity is about inclusion, not exclusion
  • Diversity is about language; the language that respects diversity begins with an understanding that people are people first
  • Diversity is about change; it is a result of change and a cause of change
  • Diversity is about power; sharing power among diverse groups and the generation of power from the synergy of diverse ways of thinking

Any of these diversity workshops can be part of a Leadership Development Program.

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